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A History Exploration at Park Avenue

A History Exploration at Park Avenue photo
A History Exploration at Park Avenue photo 2
After studying famous explorers, fourth-graders at Park Avenue Memorial Elementary School made life-size versions of these historical figures.

Students in Kelly Darling and Alexia Nyholm’s class learned about European explorers including Christopher Columbus, Ferdinand Magellan, Henry Hudson, Giovanni de Verrazzano and Samuel de Champlain. They split into groups, with each responsible for depicting one of those five explorers. Materials included construction paper, tin foil and yarn. 

Each group also had to create a manifest that included the explorer’s sponsoring country, planned destination and actual destination, along with a map of their route. Students learned about landmarks or natural features in the United States named for those pioneers. 

Park Avenue Musicians Make an Impression

Park Avenue Student Musicians
Young musicians from Park Avenue Memorial Elementary School recently took part in a pair of events hosted by the Suffolk County Music Educators Association.

Three fourth-grade students participated in SCMEA’s PEAK Music Festival at Northport High School. Krystal Gomez, Deanna Murray and Madisyn Parachico were chosen based on the recommendation of their music teacher, Megan Ashe. They were able to take part in various music learning experiences such as world drumming, chorus, folk dancing, recorder, musical theater and ukulele throughout the day with their parents. 

Sixth-grader Katya Ramos-Rojas attended the SCMEA Day of Tuba and Euphonium at Central Islip High School. She was selected for the performance, in which she played the baritone tuba, by her band teacher, Jolene Maccarone. 

“Congratulations to all of these students and their music teachers on these outstanding achievements,” said Dr. Fran Fernandez, director of fine arts. 

Professionals Share Their Expertise at Park Avenue

Professionals Share Their Expertise at Park Avenue photo

People from all walks of life visited Park Avenue Memorial Elementary School on Nov. 3 to give students a glimpse of the future. More than three dozen professionals visited classrooms at the 10th annual Career Day.

Many of the speakers were parents of Park Avenue students while others came from local businesses. The school partnered with the Amityville Chamber of Commerce and Amityville Parent-Teacher Council to bring in presenters. The guests represented a variety of professions including law enforcement, the military, business and finance, medicine, engineering, human resources and retail. 

The speakers discussed the responsibilities and challenges of their jobs, as well as the necessary qualifications to work in their respective fields. They also took questions from the curious students. 

Guidance counselor Kimberly Balducci, who organized the event, said that although the students are only in fourth through sixth grades, it is never too early for them to start thinking about their futures. By interacting with successful professionals, children understand the importance of education and recognize that working hard in school can positively affect their ability to achieve their goals. 

The event was the culmination of College and Career Week, which began with a kickoff assembly on Oct. 30. Keynote speaker Felicia Fleitman from Savvy Hires motivated students with four important messages: the word “can’t” should not exist in their vocabulary, failure is an opportunity, there is no substitute for hard work, and be a good person.  

Sunday, December 17, 2017