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Distinguished Graduates Set Sail From Amityville

Distinguished Graduates Set Sail From Amityville photo

There were reflections, thank-you’s and words of encouragement as 226 students graduated from Amityville Memorial High School on June 23.

This year’s ceremony featured new attire, with all graduates clad in red gowns with gray stoles. Principal Maria Andreotti wished members of the Class of 2018 much success as they begin the next chapter of their lives, whether it be in college, in the workforce or serving their country in a branch of the military. She added that she has high hopes for a senior class that distinguished itself in academics, the arts and athletics, and encouraged them to use their talents to make a positive difference in the world. 

Superintendent Dr. Mary T. Kelly said that this year’s graduates were entering third grade when she arrived in Amityville, and it was her honor to watch them grow and mature.

“It has been an honor and a privilege to be a part of your journey,” she said to the students, reminding them to treasure the high school memories, experiences and friendships as they set sail on the next part of their lives.

Valedictorian Trevony Palmer, in addressing his fellow graduates, told them to take care of their minds and bodies. 

“Be creative and unique with your own decisions,” he said, “so that they won’t set you up for failure but rather for success.”

Salutatorian Jerinna Solanges recited words of wisdom from her teachers and her friends. She said it was their guidance that helped her achieve a high level of success in Amityville. 

“Remember those who helped you on your journey,” she said. 

After remarks by senior class President Jacob Marrero and senior class adviser Cara Garofalo-Westphal, graduates were called up on stage to receive their diplomas where they were congratulated by Ms. Andreotti, Dr. Kelly and board of education trustees. 


Amityville Seniors Walk the Halls of the Past

Amityville Seniors Walk the Halls of the Past photo

Amityville Memorial High School seniors returned to their roots for the annual Senior Walk on June 7, in which they visited the district’s elementary schools and middle school.

After departing from the high school on six buses, the seniors arrived a short time later at Northwest Elementary School. Clad in their red caps and gowns, they walked through the halls as “Pomp and Circumstance” played over the public address system. Students and teachers lined the halls to cheer the soon-to-be graduates. Many children displayed their handmade congratulatory signs and held out their hands for high fives, while teachers snapped pictures and hugged many of their former students. 

Accompanied by Principal Maria Andreotti, Dean of Students John Cardone and several teachers, the seniors then traveled to Northeast Elementary School where they got their starts as either pre-K or kindergarten students. Following trips through Park Avenue Memorial Elementary School and Edmund W. Miles Middle School, the seniors returned to the high school for lunch. 

The Senior Walk was one of many celebratory activities leading up to graduation including the senior and sports awards ceremonies, college athlete celebration day and the senior prom.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018