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420 Albany Avenue, Amityville, NY 11701
Phone Number: 631-565-6400
Grades: Pre-K Center
Principal: Dr. Pauline Collins
Hours: Pre-K: 9:10 a.m. – 3:10 p.m.


Current News

Amityville’s First Full-Day Pre-K Class Graduates

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At just 4 and 5 years old, students at Northeast Elementary School are already making history. On June 17 and 18, they became the first group to graduate from the full-day pre-K program in the Amityville Union Free School District.

In September, the district expanded the program from half-day to full-day. Northeast became exclusively a pre-K center and daily instructional time more than doubled. Students have now completed a year of school as kindergarten awaits them in the fall at Northwest Elementary School.

Moving-up ceremonies were held in the gymnasium for the two cohorts. It began with a video of students singing a hello song, in which they learned how to say the greeting in nine different languages. Each class also performed a live musical number for their parents and special guests. Students received their promotion certificates, with their names announced by Principal Dr. Pauline Collins.

“The kids, they did awesome,” Dr. Collins said, noting how well they adapted despite the challenges from the COVID-19 pandemic. “We made it through. We have a lot to be grateful for. The kids kept us smiling.”

Dr. Collins added that watching the students learn and grow this year was a joy for herself as well as the teachers and support staff at Northeast. 

Bonding With Dad at Northeast

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The courtyard was buzzing on June 10 and 11 at Northeast Elementary School for the annual Father’s Day picnic. Every pre-K student invited a special guest for an hour and a half of family fun time. 

Teacher Yvette Carman said that the Father’s Day celebration is a tradition spanning at least a dozen years and is a springtime activity that children look forward to. It was an extra special moment for the pre-K students because, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it was only the second in-person event for families this year at Northeast.

Ms. Carman noted that celebrations like the Father’s Day picnic keep parents connected to the school community, and strengthen the home-school partnership.

“It was so nice to get the families in, to see them and have them see what we’re doing with the children,” she said.

There were several activities at the picnic including a bean bag toss, blowing bubbles, playing hopscotch, a hula hoop contest and taking pictures together at the photo booth. Each child and special guest got to build and decorate a birdhouse together. 

Before the celebration, students made Father’s Day gifts. Each class came up with its own idea including cards, picture frames, painted rocks and oversized ties. 

Board Shows Appreciation at Staff Recognition Night

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The Board of Education of the Amityville Union Free School District recognized nearly 40 staff members who are either retiring or have achieved a milestone level of service to the district. Staff Recognition Night, which was held on June 9, is an annual tradition to honor administrators, teachers and support staff for their dedication to Amityville’s students. 

Retirees include teachers Joan Peshler, Elbert Platt, Christine Quigley, Laurette Roddin, Deborah Ross and Susan Rutigliano; teacher assistants Susan McDougall, Alfreta Lidge, Patricia Monaco, Kathleen Rousseau and Yuko Suzuki; custodians James Carrington, Bernard Ricks, Anthony Tolliver and George Williams; and clerical staff Barbara Miller and Karen Petermann.

Several staff members were also recognized for milestone service anniversaries with the district.

20 years: Mary Abbruscato, Nicole Altamura, Daren Aversa, Michelle Eastwood, Steven Gafarian, Selina Gibbons, Francine John, Ronnie Johns, Mary-Ellen Loiacono, Joan Peshler, Susan Rutigliano, Lauren James Seubert, Diane Stokes and Colleen Vanni.

25 years: Sherefer Arrington, Angela Gibson, Adriana Gray, Michael Greco, William Maisel and Sikes Reese.

30 years: Donnell Lewis, Karen Petermann, Deborah Ross, Steve Wexler and Gail Wittke.

The Board of Education also presented a certificate of recognition to boys cross country coach Stephanie Barnes, who was named the League 7 Coach of the Year by the Suffolk County Track and Field Coaches Association. 

Learning Comes Alive at Northeast Family Night

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Northeast Elementary School hosted its first in-person event of the year for families on May 27. Summer Family Learning Night featured a variety of English language arts, math and science activities.

Teachers and staff worked together to create a safe and engaging learning experience for pre-K students and their families. Learning centers allowed children to build upon lessons throughout the school year. Children practiced their letter and sound recognition with alphabet BINGO, enhanced their knowledge of numbers in musical squares and explored life cycles by planting seeds. They also learned how to keep their literacy skills sharp over the summer by keeping journals. 

Educational resources were also provided to the families including take-home activities for the summer and information from the Amityville Public Library. 

Mastering the Alphabet Letter by Letter at Northeast

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There are 26 letters to learn, and pre-K students at Northeast Elementary School in the Amityville Union Free School District are taking time to master each one. 

Every week, students are introduced to a new “letter of the week” with different activities to help them understand how it sounds, how to write it and what words start with the letter. Through class discussions, craft projects and videos, children build their letter recognition skills as they continue on their path toward becoming better readers and writers and building their vocabularies. 

In celebrating the letter “T," students in Jacqueline Floyd’s class watched a video, where they moved along by writing uppercase and lowercase T’s with their fingers. Teacher Andrew Babington created a giant “T” with pictures of different objects that start with the letter, such as a table, a taxi and a turtle. 

Children in Lisa Iannotta’s class are making a book with all of the different letters of the week with pictures made from their handprints. Each week, they add a new page with an illustration of an animal or food that starts with the letter. For “T” week, they made tigers with orange paint. At the end of the year, her students will take their books home as a memento.
Thursday, June 24, 2021