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Career Exploration at Park Avenue Memorial Elementary School

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Park Avenue Memorial Elementary School in Amityville held its annual career fair from Nov. 2-4.

Coordinated by guidance counselor Kim Balducci, Park Avenue’s Career Fair aims to expose students to different careers while developing the school to work connection. Held in the school’s auditorium, students in each grade went around to their careers of choice to interview the guest speakers about their professions.

The Career Fair featured a wide range of speakers that included parents, family and friends of faculty members and community members:

Paul Schmidt, Amityville Police Officer
Matthew Rousseau, Amityville Police Officer
Mikila Thompson, Esq., lawyer
Clifford Charles, nursing & nursing anesthesiologist
Leisha Cason, registered nurse
Eric Meyer, Sr., construction/chimney
Deborah Magnani, physical therapist
Erik Ferencsik, architect and instructor
Melisa Bliss, assistant district attorney
Rose M.J. Charles, attorney at law
Kimberly Jean-Pierre, assemblywoman
Nicole Gervasi, general manager, restaurant
Mehran Shahbazzadeh, realtor
Zack Shapiro, nurse supervisor
Danika Hall, manager financial services
Scuba Steve, author and marine conservationist
Chris Grayden, train operator
Jesus Trivino, digital creator global Latin
Victoria Lipman, librarian

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Date Added: 11/8/2022

Halloween Day Parade Returns at Park Avenue Elementary School

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Park Avenue Memorial Elementary School in Amityville was excited to welcome back their annual Halloween Day Parade on Oct. 31.

The students and staff at Park Avenue had the opportunity to show off their costumes and march in the parade. The costumed characters marched around the school building as their parents and guardians cheered them on.

Date Added: 11/3/2022

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