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140 Park Avenue, Amityville, NY 11701
Phone Number: 631-565-6300
Grades: 4-6
School Hours: 8:10 a.m. - 2:25 p.m.

Principal: Ms. Robyn Santiago

Assistant Principal: Ms. Melissa Wiederhold



Career Day speakers wanted! Park Avenue Memorial Elementary School will be hosting their 12th annual Career Day on Friday, November 8th from 8:30-10:30 am. If you are interested in speaking please click the link Career Day Guest Speaker Sign-Up or email Our staff and students look forward to hearing about your careers. Any questions please contact Kim Balducci, School Counselor at 631-565-6315.


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Current News

Park Educators Share Skin in the Game Success

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A pair of educators from Park Avenue Memorial Elementary School presented at the 2019 Long Island Technology and Education Summit on Oct. 18 at the Huntington Hilton. Amy Stein, a fifth grade teacher, and Timothy Quinn, the library media specialist and STREAM program leader, highlighted the Skin in the Game initiative which was implemented last year as a result of a grant awarded to the district. 

Through this collaborative effort, students to create board games with technology features. Groups choose topics related to the curriculum as inspiration for the games, so the project helps reinforce grade-level content. 

Project-based learning activities, such as Skin in the Game help teach students the essentials of collaboration and communication between each other as they become game developers. Students enhance their games by incorporating technology-based applications, such as making game pieces on a 3D printer. Children become highly engaged and challenged throughout this process and gain a new perspective of what they could achieve using these technological tools.

Mr. Tim Quinn and Ms. Stein also gave the Amityville Board of Education a brief overview of their presentation at Nov. 13 meeting. 

Park Avenue Students on the Path to Prosperous Professions

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More than 30 professionals helped spark career interest for students at Park Avenue Memorial Elementary School on Nov. 8. The annual Career Day program featured guest speakers who were happy to lend their expertise to the future workforce.  

Students learned about a variety of different fields including communications, finance, law enforcement, medicine, public service, social work and more. Speakers included parents of Park Avenue students, representatives of the local business community and Amityville Memorial High School alumni. They talked about the qualifications needed for their respective careers, job responsibilities and what they find most exciting, in addition to fielding questions from students. 

Representatives from the Science and Technology department at Farmingdale State College generated excitement for careers in STEM fields with hands-on activities. Other children were able to explore an Amityville fire truck as well as police cars from the Amityville and Suffolk County police departments. 

Guidance counselor Kimberly Balducci, who organized the event, thanked all of the participants for giving their time to talk to students about various careers. She said it was especially exciting to have several Amityville graduates come in to share their success stories. 

Park Students, Parents Explore Music Together

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Six students from Park Avenue Memorial Elementary School were participants in the Suffolk County Music Educators’ Association’s annual PEAK Music Festival. Students, their families and music teacher Megan Ashe attended the event on Oct. 26 at Northport High School.

Fourth graders Ingrid Dixon, Mackenzie Joyce, Fernando Mejia-Aguilar, Neveah Mitchell, Cayden Morselli and Kailyn Vaquerano joined their peers from across the county for a day of music learning experiences. Activities included world drumming, chorus, singing games, folk dancing, musical theater and ukulele.

Ms. Ashe said it was an exciting opportunity for students in that they were able to select workshops they wanted to attend and also could share the experience with their parents. Mackenzie said she had a great time playing music games and singing in a vocal group with her mother. Neveah really liked the workshop in which participants used wooden sticks called claves to create a song.

“I like going to the PEAK festival,” Neveah said, “because I got to meet new friends and talk with them about music.”

Park Avenue Library Transforms Into Innovation Center

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The library is the place to be at Park Avenue Memorial Elementary School. No longer just a place to check out books, the library has been transformed into a makerspace center full of activities that provide opportunities for innovation and collaboration.

Librarian Tim Quinn now also serves as the school’s STREAM specialist, engaging students in projects that blend science, technology, reading, engineering, the arts and mathematics. Classes visit the library at least once a month for a STREAM activity that relates to the grade-level curriculum. These lessons are planned together by Mr. Quinn and the classroom teachers.

Additionally, students are welcome to come to open library sessions during lunch and recess, in which they may avail themselves of the vast array of makerspace resources, both high-tech and low-tech. At the engineering table, children can build with Legos or Fiddlestix wood connector tools. They can also put together tubular pieces from the Marble Run set to make a custom track. 

There is a robot station with Dash and Sphero robots, that students can control using iPads. Bloxels introduces to game design as children can use colorful cubes to make a character, take a picture with it on an iPad and import it into a video game. There are also circuitry kits, a 3D printer and a zSpace virtual reality station.

“This is a space designed so students can expand their creative horizons,” Mr. Quinn said, noting that many students take advantage of the open library sessions because they enjoy the different challenges. He added that some students have a favorite activity, while others like to move among the different centers.

Sixth grader Jazzmine Reynolds comes to the library frequently to use the robots and strengthen her technological acumen.   

“It’s fun because I’m really into robots and I like the engineering in it,” she said. “I’m learning more about how to control them.” 

Fifth grader Alex Ayala attended his first session at the suggestion of Mr. Quinn, and now is a regular. A longtime fan of Legos, Alex explained that he likes exploring other resources that allow him to design and build. 

‘Ryan’s Story’ Brings Powerful Anti-Bullying Message to Amityville

‘Ryan’s Story’ Brings Powerful Anti-Bullying Message to Amityville photo thumbnail136111

On the 16th anniversary of a day that changed his life, John Halligan told students in the district a powerful story about his son, Ryan, who was bullied in school and took his own life. He spoke to sixth graders at Park Avenue Memorial Elementary School and seventh, eighth and ninth graders at Edmund W. Miles Middle School on Oct. 7.

“Ryan’s Story,” which has been presented at more than 2,000 schools across the country including the middle school three years ago, began with Mr. Halligan introducing students to Ryan through photos and videos. He then went on to tell the story of how Ryan was bullied in his Vermont middle school and the tragic consequences that resulted. Ryan was 13 when he died. Within a year, Mr. Halligan’s efforts resulted in a Vermont law establishing bullying prevention programs in schools. Many states, including New York, have followed suit.

His presentation had several core messages including suicide prevention, forgiveness and the role of bystanders in allowing bullying to happen. He encourages students to examine how they treat each other and apologize to someone they may have wrongly treated, and also reminds them that they are loved dearly. 

Middle school Principal Earl Mitchell explained that Mr. Halligan has taken a painful and tragic experience and turned it into a learning experience for others. He thanked Mr. Halligan for sharing his personal story with Amityville students.  

Middle school social worker Beatriz Offitto added that October is National Bullying Prevention Month and Mr. Halligan’s presentation is one of several character education initiatives, including unity day and mix-it-up day. She said the goal of these different activities are to encourage students to talk to others outside of their normal social circles, make new friends and foster a bully-free culture.   

Park Avenue sixth graders said the emotional presentation shined a light on bullying, and how it can manifest itself in several ways, including in person and over the computer. Jeffrey Lopez said he learned not to get involved in cyberbullying, while Ryan Daly said she hopes that Mr. Halligan’s words inspire her classmates to take action if they notice someone being bullied.

Nicholas Leon noted that Ryan was bullied a lot in middle school, and felt this presentation was important because he and his classmates are on the cusp of middle school. He said he expects Mr. Halligan’s messages to stick with him for years to come. Nasir Grant added that small insults can become bigger over time and a situation can get out of hand. He said no student should ever strive to make others miserable, but instead should treat his or her peers with kindness and respect.

Friday, December 13, 2019