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Amityville Math Warriors

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Websites for practice

1. Properties of real numbers Properties of Real Numbers- Video
The Distributive Property -Video
Properties of real numbers- interactive practice
2.  Radicals Simplifying Radicals Video
Multiplying two radical expressions Video
Simplifying Radicals by dividing Video
More simplifying Radicals - Video
Radicals – Practice Questions
Radicals- interactive practice
3. Scientific Notation Scientific Notation- interactive practice
Video- Scientific Notiation
4. Fractions, percents, ratios, proportions Ratio and proportion- Video
Percent of Increase - Video
Percent of Decrease - Video
Percent- Practice questions
5.  Direct variation Direct variation - 3 videos
Direct variation – Practice questions
6.  Exponents (powers) Exponents- videos 1 and 2
Exponents- watch 3 videos
Exponents, division- watch all 3 videos
Exponents 1-Practice Questions
Exponents 2-Practice Questions
7.  Factorials Factorials Lesson
Factorials-Practice Questions
8.  Absolute Value Absolute Value Video
Absolute Value-practice questions
9.  Rational and Irrational Numbers Classifying real numbers -video
 Rational and Irrational Numbers-Practice Questions
10. Order of Operations Order of operations to simplify expressions- Video
Evaluating Algebraic Expressions with Exponents (PQ)
11. Signed Numbers Adding Rational Numbers -Video
subtracting rational numbers -Video
Mixed Practice With Signed Numbers
Applied Problems with Signed Numbers
12.  Algebraic Representation Writing expressions to words - Video
Algebraic Representation-Practice Questions
13.  Addition and Subtraction of Polynomials Classifying polynomials -Video
Addition of Polynomials -Video
Subtracting Polynomials -Video
Practice questions- adding and subtracting polynomials
14.  Multiplication of Polynomials Multiplying polynomials- Video
Multiplying polynomials-Practice Questions
15.  Division of Polynomials Dividing Polynomials - Video
Dividing Polynomials -Practice Questions
16.  Algebraic Fractions and Equations Undefined Fractions
 * mode advanced topics available, after   completion of Cyberprogram Algebraic Fractions-Practice Questions
17.  Factoring Video- Factoring trinomials, positive
Video- Factoring trinomials, negative
Video, factoring trinomials, special
Factoring Practice Questions - 2 squares
18.  Algebraic Translations Algebraic Translations- Video
Algebraic translations -Practice Questions
19.  Linear Equations Linear Equations – Practice Questions
20.  System of Linear Equations Writing and solving linear systems - Video
Linear Equations-Practice Questions
21.  Literal Equations Literal Equations- Video
Literal Equations-Practice Questions
22.  Quadratic equations Solving Quadratic Equations Video
Solving Quadratic Equations Using the Square Root-Video
Solving Quadratic Equations-Practice Questions
23.  Linear-Quadratic systems Practice Questions-Linear quadratic systems
24.  Exponential Growth and Decay Modeling Exponential Growth -Video
Finding Compound Interest -Video
Modeling Decay -Video
25.  Linear Inequalities Linear Inequalities -Video
Linear Inequalities-Practice Questions
26.  Graphing Linear Inequalities Graphing Inequalities -Video
Writing an Inequality From a Graph -Video
Graphing Linear Inequalities-Practice Questions
27.  System of inequalities Writing a system of Linear Inequalities- Video
Using a System of Linear Inequalities-Practice Questions
28.  Set builder and interval notation Notations and Intervals-Practice Questions
29.  Sets and Venn Diagrams Venn Diagrams-Practice Questions
30.  Functions Functions-Practice Questions
31.  Pythagorean theorems Pythagorean Theorem -Practice Questions
32.  Trigonometric Ratios Trigonometric Ratios-Practice Questions
33.  Shapes and Equations of lines Point and Slope- Equations- Video
Finding the Slope of Vertical and Horizontal Lines - Video

34.  Parallels and Perpendiculars Parallel and Perpendicular Lines-Video
Determining Parallel and Perpendicular Lines-Video
Parallel and Perpendicular-Practice Questions
35.  Parabolas Graphing Parabolas-Video
Linear and Quadratic Graphing-Practice Questions
36.  Graphing Functions Graphing Functions-Practice Questions
37.  Perimeter and area of Polygons Finding Perimeter, Area, and Circumference
          and Circles Perimeter and Circumference-Practice Questions
  Polygons-Practice Questions
38. Volume and Surface Area Volume & Surface Area -Practice Questions
39. Metric/English Conversion and Rates Metric Conversion-Practice Questions
40. Error in Measurement Error in Measurement-Practice Questions
41. Categorizing Data and Bias Lesson-Univariate vs Bivariate Data
Lesson-Qualitative vs Quantitative Data
Categorization of Data-Practice Questions
42. Mean, Median, Mode Central Tendency, Mean, Mode & Median
Mean, Mode, Median-Practice Questions
43.  Displaying Data Graphing Events-Video
Interpreting and Displaying Data-Practice Questions
44.  Scatter Plots, Correlation, etc. Scatter Plots-Video
Scatter plots-Practice Questions
45.  Percentiles and Quartiles Lesson -Quartiles and Percentiles
Percentiles and Quartiles-Practice Questions
46. Counting Principle The Counting Principle-Video
Counting using permutations-video
47.  Permutations Permutation Notation-video
Permutations-Practice Questions
48.  Sample Spaces, Tree Diagrams Drawing a Tree Diagram-Video
Tree Diagrams-Practice Questions
Lesson - Sample Space
Sample Space-Practice Questions
49.  Complement of an Event Lesson-Complement of an Event
Complement of an Event-Practice Questions
50.  Conditional Probability Conditional Probability- Video
Conditional Probability-Practice Questions


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